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ALT-AZ Telescopes

Equatorial Telescopes

Special Telescopes



Software and Hardware Control Solutions


Driven by passion, ASTELCO products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and guarantee reliable lifetime performance.


ASTELCO Systems can provide complete turn-key solutions for observatories consisting of: Telescope(s), pier, platform, telescope foundation, building/control room, dome/enclosure, subsystems like weather sation, GPS, All-Sky Cam, UPS Power supplies, and of course installation, commisssioning and customer training.

Technical data

Domes and Enclosures,
Building Interfaces and Control Rooms,
Telescope Piers and Foundations,
Environmental Subsystems,
UPS/Solar Panel solutions

Aperture sizes Domes/enclosures up to ~12m size

Wide-slit "classical" domes with fast rotating capability.
Special completely retractable enclosures for wide field arrays and DIMM/Slodar Systems.
"LOTUS"-type domes

Configurations From single dome solutions to full turn-key observatories.
One software solution package for Telescope/Dome/Observatory Control.
Design, Manufacturing, Transport, Installation and Commissioning on site.

For further details, on-demand systems or requests, please contact us.