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Driven by passion, ASTELCO products are designed to meet the highest quality standards and guarantee reliable lifetime performance.


ASTELCO has designed and manufactured several types of HiRes and LowRes Echelle Spectrographs which were fibre fed to the Nasmyth port(s) of Alt-Az mounted telescopes.

DIMM/SLODAR seeing and atmosphere measurement devices, as well as "classical" CCD/Filter wheel units and field derotators can be supplied with our telescopes.

Laser Guide Star (LGS) telescopes with AO optical benches are available to the customers demand.

Technical data

"Stand alone" fibre-fed Echelle Spectrographs from 10-40K resolution.
Higher resolution types (40K-120K) with Iodine cell and Thorium Argon calibration devices on demand.
ESO-type seeing measurement systems with telescope, instrument and tower/enclosure.
ESO-type LGS telescopes for AO applications.

Configurations Fibre fed spectroghraph solutions as well as Coudé light path direct "input".
LGS "piggy back" solutions for medium to large size Alt-AZ mounted telescopes.

For further details, on-demand systems or requests, please contact us.