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  • Telescope for SAT-COM
  • 80cm Telescope in Turkmenistan
  • Coelostat
  • 8m Lotus Dome
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • 86cm Wide-Field Telescope
  • Prototyp for ESO Laser Guide Star Telescope
  • 130cm Alt-Az Telescope in Slovakia
  • 50cm Robotic Telescope in France
  • 100cm Alt-Az Telescope in Tenerife
  • 60cm Telescope for Exo-Planet Search
  • 80cm Alt-Az Robotic Telescope in France
  • ASTELCO Professional Telescopes Worldwide


Welcome to ASTELCO Systems

"We understand ourselves as one of the many arms of scientific research, listening to scientists and providing them with what they need to achieve their goals. Many of our projects are requests from the astronomical community, which we turn into ready-to-buy products."

– Peter Aniol, Co-Founder and Managing Director